Katsuhiro Otomo Biography

Debuted as manga writer/artist in 1973. Later in 1983,
he published “Domu”, “Akira” and other works.
He himself directed the animated version of “Akira” and
produced other animated works such as “Memories” and “Steamboy”.
In 2005, the French government decorated him with a Chevalier order of art and culture.

Ohara Hidekazu – Character Design, Visual Concept

He has been Mr.Otomo's right hand with "AKIRA" and "Cannon Fodder". He is also a commercial creator in Japan.

- Nausica of the Valley of the Wind Key Animator, 1984
- Night on the Galactic Railroad Key Animator, 1985
- Wings of Oneamis - Royal Space Force Key Animator, 1987
- AKIRA Key Animator, 1988
- MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM Formula 91 Key Animator, 1991
- MEMORIES : “Cannon Fodder” Character Design, Lead Animator, 1995
- Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade Illustrations in picture book, 2000

Tatsuya Tomaru – Lead animator / Takashi Hashimoto – Lead Animator, Effect

They both worked together in Steamboy with Mr.Otomo.

Tatsuya tomaru is the Lead Animator in many of the NARUTO movie series.
Takashi Hashimoto is a famous animator that has worked with Hayao Miyazaki and
other theatrical animes, and is a significant animator in Japanese animation industry.

- MEMORIES : “Magnetic Rose”, “Stink Bomb” Key Animator, 1995
- GHOST IN THE SHELL Key Animator, 1995 / - The End of Evangelion Key Animator, 1997
- STEAMBOY Lead Animator, Effect, 2004 / - Howl’s Moving Castle Key Animator, 2004
- Tales from Earthsea Key Animator, 2006 / - EVANGELION: 1.9 YOU ARE (NOT) ALONE Key Animator, 2007
- The Sky Crawlers Key Animator, Effect, 2008 / - SUMMER WARS Key Animator, 2009
- EVANGELION: 3.0 YOU CAN (NOT) REDO. Image Board, Key Animator, 2012